Orlando Business Litigation Lawyer


Orlando business lawyers at CRT Legal have the experience to handle your business disputes and Florida business litigation cases.

Efficiency, creativity, and sound judgment are critical for intelligently positioning these business disputes in Orlando.

One of the key issues that a commercial lawyer needs to evaluate is the big picture of your case.

Spending time and money in a business lawsuit is not what your business was set up to do.

CRT corporate litigation attorneys work to get you back to your business with resolutions that are best for your and your company.

Orlando Business Litigation Lawyer
  • Florida Breach of Contract
  • Partnership / Corporation / LLC Disputes
  • Business Torts
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Matters
  • Closely Held Corporation Disputes

Our Orlando business litigation attorneys deal with legal issues arising from commercial and business contracts and relationships, as well as disputes that occur between your business and the public.

Business litigation is a legal process that your business can use to resolve multiple business conflicts. In a Florida business litigation lawsuit, one party, or in the case of a class action suit, multiple parties will accuse the “litigant” of some type of wrongdoing. If you or your business involved in a legal dispute taking a lawsuit to court may be the best way to resolve your business law issues.

Orlando Small Business Attorney
Small Business Lawyer

CRT Legal can help your Florida small business navigate legal issues, defend in litigation, and handle internal disputes.

Contract Lawyer

Get help for your Orlando breach of contract issues, contract creation, and business contract litigation.

Partner / Shareholder Disputes

Orlando partner and shareholder dispute attorney to help you settle differences arising when running a business.

Business Tort Lawyer

Business tort lawyers to help you recover financial losses due to another’s misconduct and harm done to your business.

Need Help With Your Business?

Our Orlando business lawyers can help you navigate Florida business law, recover losses, and handle litigation with business disputes and contracts.