Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a very board category of cases that arise in the business context including:

  •             Breach of Contract Cases
  •             Partnership/Corporation/LLC Disputes
  •             Business Torts
  •             Breach of Fiduciary Duty Matters
  •             Closely Held Corporation Disputes

CRT Legal has the experience to handle your business dispute having litigated these types of cases all of the State of Florida. Efficiency, creativity, and sound judgment are critical for intelligently positioning these disputes, whether they are “bet-the-company” cases or more discrete matters.

One of the key issues that a commercial litigator needs to evaluate is the big picture of your case. Spending time and money in a lawsuit is not what your business was set up to do. The faster we can get you back to your business, the faster you will be able to getting back to keeping your employees employed and running a profitable company.